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We offer an innovative approach to developing focused road safety education and awareness campaigns that address critical community needs and facilitate community engagement.

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Road Safety / The Challenge

Every state has an area with an intractable road safety issue that has not been solved by traditional programs and campaigns. Furthermore, there are inequitable crash, injury, and fatality rates in these areas. Engaging these communities is essential to changing behavior to improve road safety. Yet, it can be difficult to bring community stakeholders together.

Our Solution / Community Engagement

Travelers Marketing takes a data-driven approach to finding communities with inequitable crashes and fatalities. When developing community-focused road safety campaigns, we engage key stakeholders including private and non-profit partners in education, public health, emergency response, and community and faith-based organizations. Our approach gives communities ownership of their road safety concerns and drives change.

To learn more about our approach, watch the GHSA Community Engagement Webinar recorded on April 13, 2023
with Jeff Larason, Travelers Marketing's Director of Highway Safety Communications.

Call to Action / Work With Us

We invite State Highway Safety Offices (SHSO) to work with us to enhance their community engagement efforts and create measurable change in vulnerable communities. On average, our program takes six months from start to launch. Our campaigns tackle safety messaging associated with seat belt use, speeding, impaired driving, distracted driving, pedestrian/bicyclist safety, drowsy driving, roadside safety, teen and older road users, motorcycles, and more.

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To work with with us, include the "Community Equity and Engagement Safety Campaign" program description in your State Highway Safety Plan.
Click the button above to download a customizable program description.

Who We Are / About Us

Travelers Marketing is a leading transportation sponsorship and marketing agency with partnerships in 35 states. We specialize in engaging the traveling public and boosting consumer awareness and action around public safety initiatives. The company partners with state transportation and highway safety offices to solve road safety issues. Our team builds community engagement campaigns and leverages public-private partnerships to expand campaign reach and effectiveness. Our programs have been recognized by the USDOT, the Roadway Safety Foundation, and GHSA as recipients of the National Roadway Safety Award and the Peter K. O’Rourke Special Achievement Award.

Jeff Larason is the Program Director of Travelers Marketing's Road Safety Communications program. Jeff has decades of experience as an award-winning road safety and media professional. Jeff has experience in government, the private- and non-profit sectors and is an excellent resource for SHSOs seeking to engage their communities in road safety communications.

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